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This has been the last day of streaming (Sunday 14th January) for our outstanding WBT crew of commentators and we now hand over to BBC TV for the remainder of the Imagine Cruising World Indoor Bowls Championship.

Since the 5th of January Jason Parkinson, Graham Irving-Cole and Emily Ferguson have commentated on over the 46 games to date.

Of course they couldn't have done such a good job without the vocal talent of some of the top players in our sport, who gave up their time for the benefit of our online audience.

What can we say about our streaming partners - OpticalMedia - Production Services.... experts in their field and we are sure that our viewers at home appreciate all the hours that they have spent on sharing our input from the Championships with you all.

We continually strive to bring our streaming to new levels and set ever higher standards which we hope you all appreciate. It's been a bumper ride so far, enjoy the rest of the journey for the next seven days.

Tomorrow at 10am (Monday 15th January) we welcome back Presenter Rishi Persad and Commentators David Corkill and Sian Honnor as we hand over the reigns for the last week of the Championship to BBC TV.

Streaming of all remaining matches can still be accessed via World Bowls Tour Facebook and the WBT YouTube channel.



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