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WBT Rankings


Following the completion of the WBT in association with Lean2succeed UK Open, the updated WBT Ranking List has been published.

The new Ranking List sees World Champion Les Gillett end the year as the World Number One. His victory at Potters and a second round showing at Stanley saw him move from 5th position at the start of the season to take over as the new World number one.

Paul Foster's final appearance at Potters and semi final at Stanley sees him as the nearest challenger to Les moving from his position as World number four at the start of the season.

Mark Dawes has moved to fifth in the Ranking List following his victory at Stanley with fellow finalist Jamie Chestney making the most significant move in the ranking list this season as he climbs from 14th to 7th position in the latest rankings.

With first round defeats in the two competitions this season Mark Royal slips out of the Top 16 but Simon Skelton and Darren Burnett do enough at Stanley to retain their places.

Following his stunning run at Potters to the semi final, Wayne Willgress moves into the World Top 16 for the first time and takes the 14th place in the Ranking List.



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