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51 year old Les Gillett fulfilled his boyhood dream, holding himself together to draw the winning shot with his very last bowl on a dramatic third end of a tie break against Scotland's Paul Foster MBE to lift the Langham Glass Trophy and a cheque for £50,000 with the added bonus of reaching the pinnacle of the WBT Ranking list and replacing Nicky Brett at the Provisional World No 1.

In the opening set, Foster set his stall early, scoring of four of the opening six ends in the best of two sets of 11 end final and led 7-3.

However Gillett made the running over the second half of the set, scoring five successive singles to edge the set 8-7.

It was role reversal in the second set with the scores tied at 3-3 after three ends, with Foster doing the business this time round and scoring nine shots for the loss of just a single to win the set 12-4 and take the match to an tense, exciting and very noisy tie break.

Standing a 1-1 after the first two end, and now playing the last end, Foster drew a front toucher with his first bowl - with Gillett gently peeling it off with his third bowl - and that left both players facing a very dramatic one bow shoot out with their fourth and final delivery.

Foster though ran a few feet through the head but it was enough to count the vital single and with the pressure now transferred to Gillett's shoulders he too was heavy but his bowl toppled back towards the jack and realising the title was his - raised his arms to the heavens as he celebrated his first ever Potters World Indoor Singles title.

Later and emotional Gillett said "I've dreamt of this moment for a long, long time".

RESULT Les Gillett (Eng/6) bt Paul Foster MBE (Scot/5) 8-7, 4-12, 2-1.

Recapping on the other four POTTERS WORLD INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP titles -

Potters World Open Pairs - Stewart Anderson & Darren Burnett (Scot),

Potters World Mixed Pairs - Alison Merrien MBE (Guernsey) & Paul Foster MBE (Scot),

Potters Women's World Matchplay Singles - Katherine Rednall (Eng),

Potters World Under 25 Singles - Daniel Pool (Scot):



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