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Kiwi qualifier Martin Kreft left twice former World Indoor Singles Champion Mark Dawes reeling on the ropes after a knock-out 4-11, 6-5, 2-1 victory in his opening match at the Imagine Cruising World Indoor Bowls Singles Championship at Potters Resorts, Hopton-On-Sea today.

Dunedin based Kreft got off to a good start, narrowly trailing 4-5 after six ends, but it was Dawes who scored on the remaining three ends to win 11-4.

There was nothing to separate the players in the second set with singles scored all the way to the penultimate end with Dawes holding sway at 5-3.

Kreft though rolled in a sensational treble on the last with a delicate movement of the jack to his waiting pack with his last bowl to win the set 6-3 and force a three end tie break.

Kreft won the toss and took the jack but it was Dawes who took first blood.

Dawes gave the jack to Kreft on the second but the New Zealander counted the second end and he wrapped up his victory when he counted the vital shot on the third and deciding end.

The 48 year old Corrections Officer won his Dunedin PBA Area Qualifier and then claimed

his spot at Potters from the PBA NZ finals at Invercargill, beating David Clark in the final.

He now moves through to a 2nd Round match against Alex Marshall MBE on Thursday 18th January at 10am.


Martin Kreft (NZ/Q) bt Mark Dawes (Eng/5) 4-11, 6-5, 2-1;

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