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As the first of the @Imagine Cruising World Indoor Bowls Pairs semi-final unfolded at Potters Resort in Hopton on Sea just a short time ago, twice former champions Greg Harlow and Nick Brett battled back from dropping the opening set to deny Hong Kong qualifiers Ken Chan and Jason Choi 5-9, 9-6, 2-0.

The Hong Kong duo were quickly into their stride, opening up an 8-0, five end lead, but the English boys hung in, scoring a 1, 3 and 1 to trail 8-5 going into the last end.

They could however possibly have swung the result in their favour but skip Choi played an inch perfect draw to avert the danger and score a single to take the set 9-5.

As was anticipated, Harlow and Brett came right back in the second set, leading from the opening end and winning 9-6 to force a winner take all tie break.

Chan and Choi won the toss and opted to take the jack and play to their specific length of jack. However, with shot against them, Choi was unfortunate not the take the shot, narrowly missing the jack on both sides leaving Harlow and Brett as the first to score on the best of three end shoot out.

A riveting second tie-break end kept the audience in the packed arena on the edge of their seats, with the shot bowl changing hands on more than one occasion.

With one bowl left each, Choi chalked up the vital shot that would have taken the shoot-out to a third end, but a sensational, last bowl response from Brett saved the day and keep the popular Englishmen in contention for a third title when the final comes under starters orders on Monday 16th January at 1.00pm.

Match Result -

Greg Harlow & Nick Brett (Eng) beat Ken Chan & Jason Choi (HKG) 5-9, 9-6, 2-0



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